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Sadhi Khurd ( Jankinagar ), Kushinagar ( U.P.)

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About us

About SIPS


Established in 2014, Sahodara international public school (S.I.P.S) was formally inaugurated on 9th December with an aim to improve the standard of education for the less privileged population of Kushinagar. Every faculty of our institution is committed to develop an industrious individual with outstanding mental, physical as well as spiritual strength. Since our establishment, we have consistently worked to change the general misconception among locals who fail to understand that schools are the dwelling place of a child’s overall personality not just a hub for dictating homework.

Schools are the powerhouse of a society. It’s a centre that energizes the mind of an individual via logic, reasoning, and critical thinking. If one dares to remove such knowledge centres, entire nation will collapse in the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy. Republic of India is a rising power, full of zeal and vigour, however, one must remember that an empty mind is devil’s workshop, and void is nothing but the absence of knowledge and wisdom. Hence, it is important to redirect a child’s enthusiasm and curiosity towards constructive thinking. Notwithstanding, the amount of wealth or power one may possess, without intellect he/she is useless for the country. Our homeland with its diversity is not limited to scientific or technical discoveries but also an ocean of cultural beliefs and historical incidents that forms the core of our education system. Contrarily, the same diversity creates ambiguity when it comes to impart education especially in the remote regions. We at S.I.P.S have left no stone unturned in bridging the gap between education and the required infrastructure so that every student gets equal opportunity as per the talent that he/she possesses.

Every student in our institution is an iron billet ready to be forged by the skilled blacksmiths stuffing them with strength enough to face the music that awaits. We have covered quite a few steps, but success can be continued only if we work assuming that the path to victory ends in infinity.